Barbecue Season






When I think about the nice weather we have been having recently, I really want to eat barbecue(3). In Canada, many people have a barbecue(1) in their yard or on their balcony, so it’s easy to have a barbecue(2) whenever they want


As for me, in spring and fall, I would have a barbecue(2) on the weekend whenever the weather was nice. However, in summer, I would use my barbecue(1) instead of my stovetop or oven whenever it was possible, even on a weeknight! My barbecue(1) had a gas burner on the side, so I would even cook regular dishes outside.


I used to barbecue(4) steak, burgers, chicken, kabobs, vegetables (eggplant, zucchini, potatoes, etc.), and even garlic bread. Have you ever tried western-style barbecue(2)? What do you think of it? Do you prefer Japanese-style barbecue(2) instead? I think both are great!  



Barbecue has a few different meanings so be careful! 

  1. (n) the item itself – a flat metal frame that is used to cook food over hot coals or fire
  2. (n) an outdoor meal where food is cooked on a barbecue
  3. (n) the food that has been cooked on a barbecue
  4. (v) to cook food on a barbecue


  • recently:最近
  • yard:庭
  • whenever they want:いつでもしたい時に
  • As for me:私にとって
  • stovetop:コンロの上
  • kabobs:ケバブ
  • eggplant:茄子