The Northern Lights




The Northern Lights

Have you ever seen the northern lights? It goes by many names: aurora, aurora borealis, polar lights, aurora polaris, and perhaps more.  

Students often ask me about the “aurora” soon after they learn I am from Canada. Below is a picture taken in Canada’s Northwest Territories.


But to be honest, I have never seen it clearly. I grew up in the city and it’s very difficult to see from the city because of all the light pollution.

Also, most major cities in Canada are near the US border, which means they are farther south and, thus, farther from the northern lights.

But sometimes on a clear winter night, I could see them slightly. Even then, it’s very beautiful.

If you want to see the northern lights in Canada, I recommend you go to the small city of Yellowknife in winter.

According to the city, there is a 90% chance you will see them because of the clear nights, flat landscape, and position directly under the auroral oval. 

But please be prepared, the temperature there can get pretty cold in winter. The average temperature is between -20​​°C and -30°C !

Point 和訳

◎Have you ever~:今まで~した事ありますか?

◎to be honest:実は…/正直に言うと ☝こちらは気まずいことや言いづらいことを打ち明ける際に使われることが多いので良いニュース等を伝える際は「Actually」を使います❢この場合だと、NashはCanada出身だけどはっきりとしたオーロラは見たことが無い。というネガティブな内容を伝えています!

◎light pollution:光害 ☝pollutionは汚染という意味があります。それにlingt:光を合わせて光害になります。

◎thus:このように/だから・従って/この程度まで ☝Thusには3つの異なる意味があります。今回の文面から「したがって」がいいですね

◎According to~:~によると

◎be prepared:準備した