Responding to greetings, part two (levels 2+)

Hi! Continuing with part 2, more greetings!

How’s everything? or How are things?

Same as “What’s new?” but first respond with good, bad, so-so.


A: How’s everything?

B: Pretty ok, but my work is so busy right now. How about you? → (answered ok, and then news, and then repeated the question, good response!)

A: I’m fine. I have a day off today. → (answered fine, with some news, good response!)

How’s your day? or How’s your day going? or How was your week/month/summer/year?

Same as “What’s new?” but asking about a certain time.

How to respond: Tell the person if it was good or bad and any good or bad news about your day/week/month/summer/year/etc.

Example 1:

A: How’s your day?

B: Pretty nice! I just saw my friend for lunch. How about you? → (answered with some news about their day, and repeated the question, good response!)

A: I’m excited for the weekend.

Example 2:

A: How was your week?

B: Crazy. I had to stay late at work every day. I’m so tired. You? → (answered with some news about their week, and repeated the question, good response!)

A: Wow, sorry to hear that. I’m alright. I’m busy too recently.

Good to see you or Nice to see you

The person is happy to see you.

How to respond: repeat it back if you feel the same, or use another greeting.

Example 1:

A: Nice to see you!

B: Nice to see you too! How are you? → (answered with “too” and repeating the question is just fine!)

Example 2:

A: Good to see you.

B: Hey! How are you doing? → (another greeting is just fine too!)

Long time no see or It’s been a while

Meeting after a long time.

How to respond: usually agree and repeat, or use another greeting.

Example 1:

A: It’s been a while.

B: Yeah, it has (been a while.) What’s new? → (repeat with another greeting is okay!)

Example 2:

A: Long time…

B: How are you?! → (another greeting is just fine too!)

A: Not bad, you?

B: Pretty good.

How’s life?

Personal question about your life events and news. Usually used by people who are closer, like friends.

How to respond: tell the person about important events in your life.


A: Long time no see! How’s life?

B: Pretty good. I got married 2 months ago and moved into a different apartment. → (answered with some big news about their life, good response!)

A: Wow that’s amazing, congratulations!

B. Thanks! How about you? → (repeating the question, always good!)

There are many more examples, but I hope this was a nice introduction for you.