How to correctly say 癒やす in English (all levels)

Hello, Roy here. When is this heat going to go away?! I’m ready for the fall, already.

Today, a quick note about 癒やす. If you check a dictionary it usually will say “to cure, to heal.”

This is okay to use for physical conditions (体調) for example: 病を癒す translates nicely to “cure an illness” or 傷を癒す translates easily to “heal a wound.”

But, if we are talking about a feeling we use a different expression.

For example: 可愛い犬に癒される。A good way to say this is “The cute dog makes me feel better.”

“cure” or “heal” is not so natural in this situation.

makes [me] feel better” usually means your feeling or mood has become better or has improved.

Try it out! For me, music makes me feel better. (音楽に癒されます)

See you in class.